Wordpress 2.2 screwed up my CSS

Forgive the look of the site for the time.
I did 2 upgrades, first to mySQL 5.0 from mySQL 4.0, then from Wordpress 2.1.x (can’t remember what version i was on) to Wordpress 2.2.

Main issues:

1. My Sidebar widget doesn’t load. Apparently this is a “feature” of Wordpress 2.2, but I haven’t figured out where it’s activated yet.

2. My CSS is screwed up. So my navigation right menu is now somewhere at the bottom of all my posts…it’s kind of late, so hopefully I can figure out the issue tomorrow.

I’ll probably revert to 2.1.x if I can’t figure out the issue by Monday and wait for a successful Google Groups search to reveal the answer to my dilemma before attempting another upgrade.

Update: Thanks to a last minute change of theme to “Water 1.1” all the CSS issues seem to have been fixed. The Sidebar widget will be missed, but I figure it’ll take me all of a minute to adjust to the Wordpress integrated Sidebar. Yay! Upgrade successful!

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