What’s going on with Wordpress 2.2?

So I think I may have found a bug in Wordpress 2.2, which powers my blog. For some reason while posting and updating an article entitled “Maximising Google Reader” my homepage will display the article twice. A look at the database level though indicates only one posting stored for the article. I’m hoping this is a one time event, and that future posted articles do not have a similar rendering on the main page.
Now I need to play around to see if I can duplicate the bug and submit it to the good folks at Wordpress for a patch/workaround.
Ah, the joys of being the early adopter :) —Update—So as soon as I posted the article, the duplication disappeared. Then I edited the “Maximising Google Reader” article to add a mood (provided by the plugin Moody). After this, the duplication came back. I added a “mood” to this article as well, to see if this is the cause of the error.
This apparently wasn’t the problem either, as the duplication disappeared (again!). And now it’s appearing with this article!! This is really quirky. I can’t be sure when I post whether this article is going to be published one or several times anymore…arggh!

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    I enjoyed reading your blog and the kind of work you are doing.
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