Permalink Structure Implemented

Implemented a “permalink” structure for archiving posts. This should make finding archived records a tonne easier, as was the purpose of Permalinks. So now entries will be accessible by going to, e.g. this post is or Wow, this feature is really cool!

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  1. Robert (french property blogger) Dec 30

    The permalink structure is pretty essential. Also, although configuring WordPress to include the title within the URL is a good decision. It makes the posts much more visible in the search engines based on topic (well, at least if one chooses a suitable topic name). It is pretty often that a find a topic of interest to me, even from blogs I’ve never heard of, because the search keywords appear in the title-based URL and body text.

    I implemented my WordPress based blog (on French property, food, lifestyle…) about 2 years ago. Since then WordPress has developed a lot of new features. It is worth stopping in to visit one of the blogs reviewing the developments in order to pick out the most essential new features.

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