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We all have our favourite podcast. Most of us techie folks choose TWiT, because of the “Leo and Patrick” charm effect. However, I’ve been searching for resources beyond those most known, to help me grow as a technology entrepreneur and overall leader. This will surprise many, but it hasn’t led me to an undiscovered technical resource. Rather it has led me to the world of business, and business podcasts. Read on and you’ll learn why the Harvard Business Review Ideacast is now my new favourite Podcast.

If you’re like me when I started my company, Redditech, a few years ago and new to the entrepreneur game, you’ve probably never heard or even read of the Harvard Business Review. I have noticed it on the bookshelves, mainly because of its gastronomical price tag. “No amount of knowledge can be in such a thin magazine”, was my thought then.

In the “world market” of software development, business development and team leadership though, this magazine, and the published and recommended books of Harvard Business Online, are crucial resources in building a successful business.

The podcast is a great, free resource at the website that highlights some of the new thinking and concepts of today’s best business leaders and gurus. Though not a substitute for actually reading the Review, these podcasts do stimulate one’s thinking about business concepts criticial for success, and I would recommend them to anyone serious about being an entrepreneur in today’s IT game.

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