Explaining BSD

Explaining BSD - Why is BSD not better known?

As many may know, I’m a strong open-source advocate, and mostly my personal learning efforts have been focused on Linux and Linux-based applications (as well as a few cool open source Windows applications), however I have had an interest in other open source operating systems for a while, specifically FreeBSD.
However, I’ve found the installation to be troublesome for most newbies to open source, and this can be a major deterrent to opening other people’s interests in alternative OSes. I saw PC-BSD, which attempted to do for FreeBSD what Knoppix did for Linux, and realised that although it simplified the installation process greatly, I didn’t see the same simplified installation of newer technologies such as wireless equipment as I had with Linux distros such as Knoppix or SimplyMepis. Then I saw DesktopBSD, which has screenshots for a simplified wireless setup and this has restarted my interest since DesktopBSD is a custom configuration of FreeBSD.
To get started though, I recommend reading the article Explaining BSD before you tackle hacking this OS. The key to understanding this true Unix operating system is really to understand the groundwork before getting started looking at this alternative OS and maybe someday contributing to its development as well.
If you’re used to Linux distributions, DesktopBSD starts you up in KDE so you’re not too lost when you start out.

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