EVDO questions I asked myself, and answers I found

I saw an ad in Saturday’s TSTT’s EVDO service for
laptop users. For those whose laptops have a PCMCIA slot (the normally
included expansion port that most laptops over the last several years
came with) you should be OK if you want to sign up for the service.
However for the newer Macbook Pro users out and those with laptops
like mine (an HP Pavilion dv5020us) that do not have PCMCIA slots but
who have the newer Express/34 or Express/54 card slots this article
might help answer the simple questions of if you can get devices to
support your laptop without having to go through the hassle of TSTT
support calls.
The simple answer is that the necessary devices aren’t out (yet) in
the US although they’re coming very soon and have been in service in
places like Austrailia, but the question is whether TSTT will be
bringing them in configured for their EVDO network since I think the
service provider must order these to resell to its customers from the
product company, it doesnt look like we can buy them and then have
TSTT configure them for us like we can with DSL modems (I’m not sure
though, so please try to prove me wrong here if it’s otherwise).
The USB-EVDO device looks particularly interesting since it means you
can hook up desktops as well to the high-speed Internet service EVDO
offers. They also list an EVDO router that may have potential for good
use within home and corporate network environments.

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