ccMixter – Download, Sample, Cut-up, Share

I’ve always been intrigued by the Creative Commons licensing, and the theory that by providing a less restrictive copyright licensing for intellectual property than is presently popular in many countries, the evolution of our world culture will flourish in ways never thought possible because of the sheer collaborative power of the Internet.
This site allows you to download samples under a “Creative Commons Sampling” license, and do what you want with the file, quite literally, in terms of chopping it up, remixing it, adding your own beat etc. This sites offers the worlds artists, both known and unknown, the opportunity to express creativity without restrictions imposed because of budget constraints.
We’ll see how this site develops over time…I look forward to someday hearing some steel pan beats or soca or chutney tunes remixed with some other culture’s indigenous music in some unforseen melodius way so that more of my native Trinidadian artists can have demonstrable proof of the power of Creative Commons licensing over traditionally hyped artist-restrictive licenses.

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