X-men 3 and Hooters, not bad for a Friday night

My friend Rishi and me with our uber-cool waitress, SherryI haven’t done a personal non-IT related post in a while, so i figure it’s about time. I went with some friends to X-men 3 last night at Movietowne, it was definitely a shocker for comic fans like myself because of how deviated the storyline went. Thankfully the storyline, although it played to focus more on the characters of box-office drawing stars (Storm/Halle Berry and Wolverine/Hugh Jackman), worked well. I took it as a refreshing new look, a “What If” style of story, rather than a recreation of the original stories from the comic books. If I remember correctly, the Wolverine/Storm as leaders of the X-men was explored in the cartoon series as well.

For the “last stand” to a trilogy which offered more mutants with powers than previous movies and even with such impressive special effects, it still was a bit short in my opinion. Also, several characters, noticeably Rogue and Angel had little to do with the actual story, even though they had GREAT potential to be part of the story. Examples:

1. Rogue was part of the initial training in the Danger Room against the Sentinel, she could have equally been a strong member in the final battle and perhaps enhanced the Rogue/Iceman/Kitty love triangle storyline some more.

2. Angel was shown as a child clipping his own wings, yet decided against “the cure” when it was offered. No explanation for his change of heart was offered.

Lastly, if i had not read it online, I would have NEVER stayed till after the last credits for the “spoiler” scene. In fact, those remaining in the cinema at this point (because the credits were like 5 or 6 mins long) were either my friends who came with me or other ppl who had read it online as well (and the one odd couple who looked like they came to the X-men movie to make out, how kinky is that? :-) )

Following X-men 3, my friends and I decided to stop by Hooters for drinks and a bite to eat, which seems to be the norm for this particular group of friends whenever I lime with them. I guess they really, really like the food! :-)

I know I did, the Hooters burger was quite delicious. Attached to this article you can see one of my friends, Rishi, and I thanking our Hooters server Sherry. Good food, good friends, good movie, and good…err…Hooters? :-) All in all, it was quite a decent Friday night.

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