Wednesday Blues

Midweek already. To all my law friends at Hugh Wooding still writing exams, keep awake, study hard, and do well. I figure it’s more original than just saying good luck :-)
There’s the slight depression that comes with reaching midweek, the normal kind of depression, not the qualified for Prozac kind. You’ve gotten through half the working week, but still, there’s this other half a week of challenges you still have to undertake. This week has been pretty relaxed for me, several of my projects are in mid-motion, where the onus is no longer mine to move on to the next phase, but my continued progression awaits those who that responsibility has been given. However, deadlines are still deadlines.
When those who I await finally move, I will be no longer at the snail’s pace of current. Ah, I both look forward to the challenge and feel loathe of it, knowing that if the plan I had made were followed, there was no need for the standstill puddle or the rushing current in my plan, just one smooth sailing stream. And THAT i think, is what I learnt about life today! :-)