TGI Monday?

Well, it’s Monday. I say thank god for that, because I’m trying the positive approach to things. Some hate Mondays because it signals the end of your own time and indicates the beginning of the 5 days or so when you HAVE to answer to the needs of something/someone else to survive, even if that something else is your own business. My approach, which we will see by Wednesday or Thursday this week if it works :-) is this: It’s a new day of a new week where new challenges await me. There is something I am looking forward to this week which when I am finished I will be satisfied, and it is the expectation of that feeling of satisfaction that will drive me until then. This week, my drive is to get to Thursday so I can FINALLY see Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. Most people have banned themselves totally from any spoilers of the movie to not spoil the experience. I gave up this since the first Matrix, because someone is always inadvertently giving you info you never asked for and spoiling in a second what you spent so much effort trying to avoid.
So now I think I have it worse, because rather than be given info involuntarily, I went and bought the screenplay on Amazon for $5US (Adobe PDF protected format), so I KNOW what’s going to happen, even have exclusive shots in the PDF from the movie to tease at the movie effects, but because I know how it ends, I also know how truly spectacular the movie effects are supposed to be to carry this story effectively.
Most times if I’m disappointed by a hyped movie it’s because the storyline/movie effects combination wasn’t right. I can say now, George Lucas got the screenplay right, and if the trailers and stillshots are any indication, the movie effects have made the right combination. Thursday night, Movietowne, 9:15pm, I’ll be the guy centre aisle somewhere still in work clothes, since I plan to line up right after work to make sure I get good seats.