Redditech’s Boston Chronicles – Summary Days 8-12 – The many colours of Boston

Riding the Orange Line from WorkSo I’ve had quite a hectic last few days, so much so that the blog bug kept biting and I had no time to scratch it until now. Boston is a city of many sights and sounds, but it’s not too often one talks about the “colours” of Boston. Indeed, I learnt quite a bit these past few days about these colours, some purposefully, others quite by accident.

Boston is served by a train system which I mistakenly believed to be totally underground. Apparently parts of it do run above ground, but the name the “T” still applies to anywhere these train stops are. Not all T’s are the same though I learnt. After a successful presentation meeting Saturday, the Medullan team gathered for a warm lunch at the Tavern near Central Square, where thankfully I got to watch Trinidad’s first ever world cup game live. Trinidad drew 0-0 with Sweden, but for Trinis all over it was a victory nonetheless…it showed we deserved to be there since we held our own against another of the world’s best despite our 1 man deficit due to an early red card. I happily toasted my beer with the two unknown people wearing Soca Warriors T-shirts (the only other Trinis at that bar from what I gathered) at the end of the match with the cheer “We eh loss!!”

After the match, the team decided to do another team event, one which required us to utilise the train system to get to the part of town it was at. It was then the colours of Boston revealed themselves to me. I had used the train system already, travelling on the “Red Line” outbound to Davis Square on mornings to catch my connecting bus when I was late to pick it up at Harvard Square or inbound to Boston to Central Square on evenings to catch another bus on the way home when I felt too lazy to walk from Harvard Square to Soldiers Field Park. I always saw the other colours on the station maps, but never quite realised that Boston did not just have one train line, it had quite a few more. That day I learnt how to use the Red Line to reach Park Street Station and connect to the Green Line to get to Kenmore, near Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox…I didn’t see a Red Sox game, although I hope to soon, but the team did experience “The Tomb”, a very fun sort of role playing game where you’re taken through a series of rooms emulating an ancient pyramid and given various team puzzles to solve in the quest to find the ancient Pharoah’s burial chamber. The projected 3-D Pharoah and other “effects” that increased the realism of the experience were at some times cheesy, but still fun all the same and I’d recommend it to any group looking for a fun activity near Fenway park.
Travelling back to Kendall Square that day, I noted several other colours of Boston such as the Blue Line and the Orange Line. It was quite by accident that Monday after work I actually did end up on the Orange Line. Having monthly passes for the Bus and Train, I only suffer an expense of time and not money by taking multiple bus/train stops on the way home (hence why I’m constantly pouring over the bus schedules and train routes to find the most optimal way home). The number 101 bus I believe was the first in-service bus to arrive Monday after a frustrating hour of waiting for the 96 or 94 bus and having each arriving bus go out of service as soon as it reached our stop. My coworker and I ended up on an unexpected adventure to the North of Boston because of a badly posed question on my part, I asked a bus driver of a bus whose destination was not mine if it passed near a “T”, I figured even if it was not a red line, it would intersect at some point with the Red Line. I should have asked how far from the “T” it was though, as this bus drove for some 20 odd minutes before it arrived at its “T” stop, one that ran on the Orange Line, somewhere close to the end of that particular colour line. The train arrived quickly though, but it took a further 25 minutes to reach an intersecting stop for the Red Line, and then 10 minutes back to Central Square and 20 minutes more for our bus to arrive to carry us home. Eventually we arrived at the apartments around 9pm, just as the sun was setting, and quite exhausted. I had to admit though, I now know quite a bit about the routes, and did see Boston from a very different angle. Perhaps this weekend I’ll purposefully take some non Red-Line trains to see what sort of sights they lead me too, and this time, I’ll walk with my camera and a plan of the stops so I know where to go for the best scenic shots.

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