Redditech’s Boston Chronicles Day 6: Bootcamp’s almost over…

Can you smell that? It’s the weekend, and it’s coming….and thank God!! This week has definitely been a learning experience, however it has taxed me mentally to the point where I feel I am back in UWI doing my undergraduate degree and it’s time for final exams. Thursday was the first full day we actually spent coding, but that didn’t make it any less demanding, in fact, given my little exposure to the world of Visual Studio and C# I think it was more a learning curve for me than for my other team member from Trinidad.

The team is coming together though. For the first time this week, the work given became more of a collaborative effort between team members at a common solution than each moving off to solve it on his own. I’ve realised that having not worked on a “technical design” team environment or environments where not everyone was quite at the technical level I was has made me a bit of a loner when dealing with new problems. I think that’s typical of Trinidad programmers though, but in my case I’m considering it a bad habit which is incompatible with the way things work at this company, and I’m actively trying to break right now.
Even with the team effort, the solutions, though better produced, were still extremely challenging. Still we survived, we spent till after 8pm coding but we survived. Thankfully hard work doesn’t go unappreciated here from what I’ve gathered, I expected no rewards but still our CEO was gracious enough to carry us (and pay) for dinner at Uno’s Restaurant at Porter Square afterwards. It was a nice winddown to what was the most hectic of days so far. The lead for today’s activities graciously moved our start time forward to about 9am, I was hoping for a little extra sleep to make up what I’ve lost in the week because of the strange (to me) sun rising and setting times, but looks like my system won’t give me that because it’s 5:00am and I’m up again. O well, let’s see what Friday brings! :)

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