Redditech’s Boston Chronicles Day 5: A day for new things and exploring Boston a little

So today was a day for many new things. I used Microsoft developer tools such as SQL Server 2000 for the first time in almost a year. I used Visual Studio 2005 for the first time ever. I had local pizza from “Pinky’s Famous Pizza” for lunch for the first time. And I finally saw some progress in handling the volume of training I’m being put on since I didn’ totally crash and burn during work today, though I still wouldn’t say I was 100% successful either. So I thought after work, why end there with new things?
Boston today was quite cold, about 12 degres, 5 if you factor in the wind. On the #96 bus home I just didn’t feel I could make the 15 minute walk from Harvard Sqaure to the apartment with the weather especially as seeing my breath frosty in the air kind of freaked me out. So I broke out a map of the transit systems I bought that morning for $5US from Harvard Square Station’s news shed and started exploring alternative routes. A little adventure wouldn’t hurt I figured, and because it gets dark around 9pm here, getting lost wouldn’t be so bad since I’d have two hours to find my way back to known areas.

At Harvard Square I rode the subway, on the Red Line as it’s called, for the first time to the next stop called Central Square. Here they call their transit stops T-stops. There, according to my map, there was the #70 bus which would drop me right in front of the apartment complex in which I was staying, cutting my 15 minute walk in the rain down to less than 2 minutes. On reaching Central Square, I found it wasn’t quite the same as Harvard Square’s T. Though the subways ran underground, the buses didn’t. So I spent about 20 minutes in the rain and cold above ground waiting for the bus that was supposed to have spared me the inclement weather. What a trip this was turning out to be! :-)
It wasn’t a loss though to me. I saw a new part of the city. Walking around before waiting for the bus, or rather while trying to find the correct bus stop to catch it, I found a Wendy’s and Subway fast food outlet. Meals at these places are cheaper than food from a Harvard Square restaurant by about $1US, welcome savings considering I don’t have that much cash here. I tried the Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich, it wasn’t that bad honestly. I found my first “liquor store” and it carried literally hundreds of types of alcohol I’ve never seen before, so all I need now is a drinking buddy before I pick up something to experiment with. I saw a Payless Shoe Store, so definitely this weekend I have somewhere to start looking to find footwear and thicker socks more suited for this weather. All in all, the 20 minutes in the cold paid off because of these new places I’ve learnt. And I now know what near 0 feels like so I can emphatise a little better with my friends back home who’ve gone through worse weather than this while here in the US.

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    This stuff is awesome! Keep it coming!


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