Redditech’s Boston Chronicles Day 4 – Stretching the mind, do I have what it takes?

Today was as hectic as the the first day of work. Bootcamp really is such, I feel as if every muscle that exists in my mind has been stretched and challenged to the point where it will collapse. But I know it won’t, and given what I’ve been learning, I know I’ll only come out better for it. These guys I’m working with really have their sh*t together when it comes to the game of IT. They asked today if we knew why they chose the members they did from the interviews to come to Boston, they then showed us. I still don’t see anything special about me in particular, other than my passion for learning and improving myself, although what they pointed out otherwise did ring true. While I do not doubt I can meet the challenge put forward to me today, part of me is still underconfident about just how well I can match up in this new world I’m discovering. Time will tell, my will is still undaunting in meeting the challenges of Boston life.

Today I had Thai food for lunch, Tamarind Duck I believe. No chopsticks this time, but the food was just as tasty as my Asian lunch yesterday. I ventured throughout Harvard Square a little more, I found two interesting stores, Tokyo Kid which sells practically anything Anime related (and even some Japanese snacks) and a comic book store whose name I can’t place right now, but which carried not only comic books of every variety but DVDs, music CDs, memorabilia and accessories of every kind I could think of. I tried a meal from a nearby grill restaurant for dinner called Unos which surprisingly had a slightly spicy taste not too far from our own trini flavoured grilled foods. Honestly, I feel very lucky the service I’ve encountered in every place I’ve gone to here has been exceptional to say the least. While there are no trini-ranking beauties, the youth of this area carries its own beauties, since Boston is filled with Universities too many to count and the college aged girls to match :-)

Tomorrow is another day, it’s time for some homework, then a well deserved rest in expectation of another fun, yet activity packed day. It just means I look forward to Sunday’s sleep in even more now.

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