Redditech’s Boston Chronicles: Day 3

Things have started off in a rush since arriving in Boston on Sunday morning (12:01am to be exact) so that I guess Days 1 and 2 have to be incorporated in this post. The climate change on arriving wasn’t as bad as if I had come in winter, but it’s still a shock to me. That night it was about 10 degrees and raining. Sunday during the day it was overcast and 12 degrees during the day, not something a guy from Trinidad gets to experience unless he has a walk-in fridge/freezer. Still, it got better today, it was up to about 16 degrees, and I managed to walk around without my jacket comfortably (I guess I adapted). Then I realised it was 9pm and NOW getting a little dark….that part’s pretty weird, but at least it will let me roam about town (if I get time after work) in the safety of daylight.

Finding food has not been a challenge here ,  indeed  I could try something new every day and still not have tried every new food I’ve seen here, although I’d probably go broke trying :-) Still, it’s all about trying new things for me, I had lunch yesterday (Monday) at an authentic (I’d hope) Japanese restaurant complete with misou soup and chopsticks served by a very pretty Asian waitress dressed for the part in a komono. For dinner I choose to sample what has been quoted as “the best burgers in Boston”, a small yet very popular diner called Bartleby’s. Later that evening I actually managed to accost (in a nice way) a Domino’s delivery person who was carrying an order for someone in my building and get a flyer for the one that delivers here, so I guess if I get lazy (or just have an extremely tiring day) there’s now an option now for having food come directly to my subletted apartment.

Many technology wonders surround me here, some I expected, some I never expected despite all my reading about the area online. Some of them, such as coin operated Coke and snacks machines and magnetic strip bus cards were to be expected, but others, such as the sight of an electrically powered bus which derives its power from low lying overhead power lines, were also quite marvellous to behold, as was the audio and visual notifications of the next location stops while taking the bus. The area in which I am staying (Cambridge, near the historic Harvard Square), seems to have done a pretty good job of fusing the old with the new to preserve the historical beauty of its environment while not sacrificing modern convenience.

Sadly, I would have posted the pictures aplenty I’ve taken so far, but in my rush to pack for Boston I forgot the cable for my digital camera at home in Trinidad, so I have to wait till weekend when I have a better idea of my budget to pass by Radioshack or BestBuy to pick up an SD Card reader. My digital camera is also on the fritz, sometimes working, sometimes not, so I’m hoping I can find a cheap yet decent digital camera at a weekend sale somewhere so I don’t miss capturing too many great pictures. It’s taken a licking and it is about 3 years old now so I have no regrets, I got more than my money’s worth for it and I hope my next camera can be another Nikon Coolpix.
The company I work for now, Medullan, has also been a pleasant surprise, in that it is full of like-minded people to myself. We’re all passionate about technology, we’re all passionate about getting the job done efficiently and on time. The team so far is indeed exceeding my expectations in the fact that though I consider the established members my new mentors in getting IT jobs done right, I also see in them the potential for me to be that great a professional someday through the lessons they are teaching me. In this regard I guess only time and my own personal effort to meet and exceed expectations of me will tell if I reach this goal or not.

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