Redditech Blog commenting now more accessible

I’ve disabled the option where a user has to register and login in order to comment on an article. I had initially set it so that potential commentators had to register and log in before commenting so as to prevent spamming programs or botscripts from dropping useless comments into the blog.
Based on the small number of comments I have seen in the last few months compared to the number of hits I am seeing in the site stats I am taking a guess that this current process is too long for someone to drop an arbitrary comment to an article of interest. By extension, that’s affecting the quality of every entry, since without feedback and discussion, a blog entry’s usefulness as something more than a rant or historical blurb is comprimised greatly.
I have installed a small utility known as WP-Morph which claims to prevent this while being transparent to the user commenting, so I’ve implemented it and will monitor over the next few weeks to see if it works against potential spammers. If this fails to work then I’ll have to implement a Captcha plugin to keep the comments section as open and as easy as possible for the average joe to contribute. So feel free to comment without hesitation, I welcome them as a positive criticism of ideas that can only serve to improve the quality of my own opinions.

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