Podcasting equipment

So I’m thinking of trying to podcast, don’t ask me about what, I have a few ideas bouncing around inside the ole noggin, and as soon as I settle on one it will as my blog title says, be turned into words :-) .
I can, however, work on the hardware and software requirements, which thanks to the TTCS session yesterday, I am more aware of. The iRiver H10 5 GB Digital MP3 Player Remix Blue looks like a promising (relatively) cheap option for recording though. It has 128kps recording capabilites so if I find that the 64kps Georgia says she uses doesn’t work for me, I still can go a little higher for quality. Next piece of eq I need to identify would be the actual microphone, since I’ve been forewarned about background noise. Georgia gave some tips, so as soon as I’ve identified sites online that sell them, I’ll post those as well.

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