Moving day, a night with the Finns and meeting Blue Men…what a weekend

Me and a Blue ManWow! A tonne happened this weekend. First there was the move to the new apartment Saturday, a most tiresome experience especially given the setup of the taxi company to send a promised cab on time. Never will I call those guys again for a cab. Having moved all my stuff just a few blocks from Harvard I wonder how I’m gonna make it moving back out to Trinidad with all the stuff I’ve accumulated in just a month, all those little extra trinkets sure do add on weight to luggage, especially luggage that has to be carried up 3 flights of slim stairs where the new apartment is located.

One of my coworkers is from Finland so Friday night the Trinis were invited to meet them at a surprise birthday party for one of the Finns. I must say, aside from being a tonne of fun, Finnish folk sure can party. I thought the social event at a house was done around 11pm, apparently they had to toast the night by visiting a local nightclub, a much welcome experience for a nightlife creature like myself.
Saturday was mostly tied up with moving, the new apartment is located less than a minute from Microcenter, a popular location for geek stuff, so my housemate and I spent almost till closing time oogling at various technologies we’d never afford, or if we could afford would never be able to get it into our luggage for the trip home.

Sunday I spent roaming downtown Boston, I searched for about an hour to find a particular location called the Charles Playhouse since I had intended to see the Blue Man Group at some point. Luckily I found it in time for one of their matinee shows, and I got really close up ( 5th row) seats for me. The theatre is small though, so even balcony persons would have felt the interactivity of the event. I walked away with a hat and t-shirt, and a picture of me with a nice friendly (but ever silent) Blue Man, one of the 3 Blue Men from the performances.

I must admire these guys and the show they put on, not just the men in blue who are the key, but also the musicians, cameramen and other slightly seen staff who keep the show at 100% energy right through the performance. If Trinidad theatre were this interesting I’d be going it alot more. The highlight of my weekend was definitely seeing the Blue Man Group perform though, and I’d hope to get a chance to see the show again in the Las Vegas strip someday where I’ve heard the show is much more spectacular. Sadly I’ll be back in Trinidad when their new rock concert starts in September, but who knows, perhaps now I have a Visa I can secure tickets and a weekend in a cheap-to-visit city to check it out.

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