Maxmising Google Reader

One of the problems I’m constantly challenged with as an avid Internet user is the management of content that I’m exposed to so that I can absorb and eventually utilise it in some form to make myself more efficient. As part of the solution RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, became a useful web standard and along with it came RSS Aggregators, programs meant to help organise the content retrieved from RSS feeds.
I never like any aggregator I tried, other than ITunes for my regularly listened to podcasts. I starting using Google Reader recently though, and I must say I have found myself liking it more and more every time I use it.
As part of its features, there is the ability to share any articles aggregated or email them directly to friends. A cool feature I have started using as well is to post links to my shared content directly to my blog. This is done through a Google provided JavaScript embedded directly into my sidebar widget.
I definitely am seeing this becoming another addition to the list of my frequently used Google Applications.