GreenDot really showing its greeness

Greendot is my current ISP. I was very much
pleased with their Customer Service for the first two months, and
hence I had no problem recommending them to friends considering an ISP
alternative to TSTT, the only other affordable DSL provider (Lisa is
just ridiculously priced for a home user).
Sadly, they’re showing their greeness more than ever since for
approximately one week now I have lost my ability to utilise FTP, P2P
or Torrent networks. I chose their service because I am a power
Internet user, I do things and utilise protocols most normal users do
not even bother with, and Greendot seemed to be willing to help work
with any problems I was getting. However, I believe because the
company has now started to grow to a new level of popularity it is
starting to lose that personalised feeling I got when they were fresh
and hungry for customers….*sigh* they’ve followed the typical
business model for TnT apparently.
I did get a call from their technicians, as I usually do, however
whereas I would’ve expected a call the moment the problem arose, it
took 4 days of my calling and a very harsh criticism of their service
to a CSR on a Saturday morning at 8am for a return call to be made
several hours later.
I was told basically that my service would be non-existant for a few
days at the very least, and even if they found their “problem” P2P
would be one of the last services to come back online. I consider just
HTTP and Mail traffic a non-existant ISP service since I can get these
for free at both work and at UWI, I had this P2P problem with them
before, they have so dropped below a 1 in my five star rating of ISP
service right now, especially since they could have given notice of
testing before they started, rather than started testing and then
inform me after I had to call to complain about a drop in Internet
sigh I will e-mail the link for this rant to GreenDot, I know they
have realised the seriousness of their drop in service right now, but
perhaps they can take note of this for historical reference. I have
been caught with serious foot-in-mouth syndrome for referring you to
at least 2 friends I know about who have taken your service and are
also experiencing TSTT-like quality of service. That hurts most of
all, the trust you gained from me by my recommending you to others, is
now gone. It will take at least several months of high-quality,
non-interruptable service for me to even consider referring you to
anyone. Your service is just a necessity for me now, because I do not
own a phone line and you are the only ISP with service that do not require
one, so I will continue to be your customer. However, I will now
caution anyone who asks about your service, rather than recommending
you outright, because what has transpired with your service within the
last week has been more than dissatisfactory for me to say the least.

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