is now LIVE!!

Well it took two days and a lot of back and forth with my ISP and Webhosting provider over various connection issues, but the new image gallery site is now up! Here non-member users can find various “free” pictures for download, This site came up because of a request of my friends and families where I’ve been present with my trusty camera to have a central location to securely view pictures taken. I say securely, because it’s no big thing to upload pictures to a web folder, the problem is that any and everybody has access to these sometimes embarassingly personal photos. But now after much research I’ve implemented a proper installation of Gallery2 – The Unpossible, which provides a set of features for picture galleries that are so rich that even I am still seeing more and more useful features for optimising with every album I upload.
So to all visitors, enjoy the free pics, whenever I get good nature shots I will upload them there, and to my friends and family, welcome to the new home of the neighbourhood paparazzi.

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