Facebook – am i the last to learn about it?

Most Trinidadians are social by nature, so the concept of an online social network lends itself to us trinis who like to “maco”. At least this is the explanation I gave credit to when I was pretty amazed at how hi5 took off in the last several months, an online social network I started using despite its questionable “email addressbook reading” policies. Now I find another, smarter competitor, called Facebook, which I find growing on me quite rapidly.

The explicit statement that Facebook would not be using the contents of my addressbook to send spam (plus the online logs of other users that this was indeed true) gave me enough faith to let Facebook access my addressbook in Gmail to find other facebook users. I found several users actually, making me wonder if I was really the last to learn about it.

I also really like that Facebook can read my blog’s RSS and integrate it into my profile, so I don’t necessarily have to maintain two different blogs, as MSN Live Spaces forced me to start doing when I played around with it.

What is also different about Facebook is that you can explicitly define HOW you know someone, whether they’re family, a friend, a friend of a friend, a coworker (past or present) etc. They also allow groups to be made by Country and school alumni, which I have found very useful in tracking down friends I thought long lost.

We’ll see how the network continues to build, but I predict it will tip from fad to mainstream beyond what hi5 did (hi5 is still stuck in fad mode), and with it a huge influx of new users and new features to talk about.

Update: Here’s a facebook badge I created:

Nissan Dookeran's Facebook profile

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  1. Anthony Apr 2

    Facebook is fun…and addictive.

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