E-mailing blogs is now working! Sorta…

Well it’s Saturday, so I finally have time to do my own work and noone
elses. I went through the instructions for emailing my blogs so I don’t
have to hit the admin page all the time. I still have to periodically
visit a web page that starts a script that will check my designated
email address for blog entries and post the blog entries in the Inbox.
If i had access to a shell on the server then i could schedule an hourly
job with cron to just wget the web page For now though, I must now
manually visit every time I make a job entry. Once I get the network
home up and running, I figure I’ll schedule that cron job from one of
the home machines, since I don’t have that level of access to my web
server and probably couldn’t afford that hosting package right now anyway..

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