Boston Chronicles Day 7: Bootcamp’s almost done, now the real stress begins

Friday’s Bootcamp session was noticeably different from other days because of it was the first day 100% technical work was requested. I took it from a slightly different angle though, since the earlier days in the week gave some valuable lessons, so during the technical sessions I attempted to apply some of these “lessons learnt”. I’m afraid I have a long way to go when it comes to being an effective team member, while it started out quite well, the energy from Thursday was not quite there again. Going through academia for so many years, we are taught that winning means the success of one individual, in the real world this rule is so wrong. Winning, I’ve realised, means the success of the team to come together as a cohesive unit. Great teams are built, not born though, so it’s always an iterative process of looking at what’s worked and what hasn’t. So far in my life, I believe I’ve seen 90% of what doesn’t through experience on various teams. Perhaps this experience further adds to my (hopefully changeable academic) nature to seek solutions to given problems on my own even when help is available to solve them within a given timeframe.
While the process of successful software development has been defined in very real terms this week, and while I’ve come here with a few of these steps already leart, there’s still a long road ahead. I see the team I’m on as a seed, and the lessons this week as the gardener tending to it to ensure it grows strongly, correctly and bearing future fruit of great teams from it. It would be impractical to think the team would become masters of these taught strategies by the end of bootcamp, but I really hope we pull through this presentation as a strong cohesive unit and don’t break down as we have before in our first chalenge during training. The quality of the presentation today (Saturday) is important to me, and the effort required is great, but equally important and requiring equal effort is getting the teamwork factor down. I also hope that knowing now that at least one member of my company is reading this, the openness of these posts helps not only in my own introspection, but in contributing feedback for the team at large.

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