The difference between Response.Redirect() and Server.Transfer() in ASP.Net

A healthy discussion was started today during a coding run about the difference between Server.Transfer() and Response.Redirect() as a best practice. Our search led to this page, which indicated that each indeed has its purposeful use.

Difference between int.Parse(), Convert.ToInt32() and TryParse() in C#

Working on a Medullan project I saw int.Parse() being used interchangeably for
Convert.ToInt32() so I wondered what was the difference.

This link has the answer.

After writing this at 2am during a coding run, my CEO (who’s also a seasoned coder in his own right) recommended the TryParse() method for consideration. The TryParse() functionality has been extended to all common .NET data types as of ASP.NET 2.0, something that indicates it’s been performance tuned to be more extensible and perform better than similar existing functions.

So now I had a three way comparison, and not being one to reinvent the wheel and do load testing comparisons myself to figure which was most efficient, I ended up finding this article which showed why this is in fact, the new best practice for common data type conversions.

Microsoft Zune – Why I STILL Think It Can Be An IPod Killer

I got a Zune around Thanksgiving last year, shortly after its launch. I was very excited about it, about joining “the social” and honestly I’ve probably given it more than its share of my attention trying to make it my portable media player of choice. Outright, I am a disappointed Zune fan. Some might say this is because of the number of accessories I bought with the zune, including the FM Transmittor and TV adapter that I to this day fail to use. In reality though, it’s because I see so much potential for this device to be THE IPod killer, if only Microsoft would take some hard, corrective, action with its marketing and features. Read on to see what I think it’ll take to make Zune the serious challenger to IPod’s dominance. (more…)