Harvard Business Reviews Ideacast – A resource for every world entrepreneur

We all have our favourite podcast. Most of us techie folks choose TWiT, because of the “Leo and Patrick” charm effect. However, I’ve been searching for resources beyond those most known, to help me grow as a technology entrepreneur and overall leader. This will surprise many, but it hasn’t led me to an undiscovered technical resource. Rather it has led me to the world of business, and business podcasts. Read on and you’ll learn why the Harvard Business Review Ideacast is now my new favourite Podcast. (more…)

Facebook – am i the last to learn about it?

Most Trinidadians are social by nature, so the concept of an online social network lends itself to us trinis who like to “maco”. At least this is the explanation I gave credit to when I was pretty amazed at how hi5 took off in the last several months, an online social network I started using despite its questionable “email addressbook reading” policies. Now I find another, smarter competitor, called Facebook, which I find growing on me quite rapidly. (more…)

Microsoft Patterns and Practices Guides

Historically I’ve been focused on open source technologies, so coming to Medullan I was (and still am) hitting a strong learning curve getting up to speed with the .NET world. Aside from that, there are ”Patterns and Practices” which when followed allow one to implement well designed and extensible solutions in the platform. (more…)

Reenergised, refocused….

So my restart to blogging took another side track as I was off to the US for another two months on company assignment.

Thankfully, I’m back now, in warm weather, and with a new focus on what I want to do with this blog. The Boston experience this time was a challenge, I stumbled quite a bit, but hopefully am back stronger than before. I will be writing several articles hopefully in upcoming weeks based on the experiences there.

Hopefully being candid will get me clarity and not a pink slip if my boss(es) in Boston read them. Topics will range from good software engineering practices to good team leadership practices. I look forward to sharing insights made over the last several months and discovering even more as I get feedback from readers of my posts.