Suddenly liking partial classes…at least for refactoring

I don’t consider myself the most elite of programmers, or even a great one (as yet), but I do know some basics about programming theory. So when I was thrown into this Microsoft world of ASP.NET and C# alot of new ideas were tossed my way which I had (and still have) problems accepting as convenient without sacrificing “good programming practice.” One of these is ASP.NET 2.0’s Partial Classes feature…or at least was until today. (more…)

July 4th Fireworks in Boston

Me at fireworks displayIf you’ve ever wondered what a million people look like, you should visit Boston’s fireworks for July 4th. The new apartment I’ve moved to also made it a “close” 25 minute walk to Mass Ave bridge where, according to one of my coworkers, approximately one million people gather to watch the display. And what a display it was!

Every year they load a really large barge in the middle of the Charles River with enough fireworks for a 15-20 minute completely computer-controlled display that was well worth the hour and a half packed crowd wait on Mass Ave bridge. The enormous bursts of lights were evenly matched by the incredible booms they created as the fireworks exploded, some strong enough to shake the Mass Ave bridge so slightly, and give this ‘roller-coaster’-like thrill to the event.

They have fireworks in Trinidad especially at New Year’s when everyone is launching their own fireworks and I have a prime view of it from my hillside home, but I’ve honestly never been so close to such a huge display. Definitely a memory for me, I hope someday to be able to witness those spectacular displays again.

Moving day, a night with the Finns and meeting Blue Men…what a weekend

Me and a Blue ManWow! A tonne happened this weekend. First there was the move to the new apartment Saturday, a most tiresome experience especially given the setup of the taxi company to send a promised cab on time. Never will I call those guys again for a cab. Having moved all my stuff just a few blocks from Harvard I wonder how I’m gonna make it moving back out to Trinidad with all the stuff I’ve accumulated in just a month, all those little extra trinkets sure do add on weight to luggage, especially luggage that has to be carried up 3 flights of slim stairs where the new apartment is located. (more…)