Redditech’s Boston Chronicles – Moving day’s coming

At AMC Fenway So they’ve kept me really busy here at Medullan...not that I’m complaining, in the last few weeks since I’ve blogged I’ve built perhaps some of the most powerful applications I’ve ever had to. And the challenges keep on coming. Work is slightly off my mind today as I contemplate the dynamics of moving over to a new apartment on Saturday. I call it the “haunted house”, not in a bad way though, just because it’s quite an old Boston building, “quite Bostonian” according to my Boston-based coworkers. It is in truth quite liveable, but it is also quite different from the Harvard Business School apartment I currently occupy in terms of its environment and location. It’s alot closer to the humdrum of Boston proper, since it’s closest T station is Central Square as opposed to Harvard Square, but it’s still a very safe neighbourhood from what I’ve been told. O, and I have a housemate, a very cool dude and my coworker from Medullan.