X-men 3 and Hooters, not bad for a Friday night

My friend Rishi and me with our uber-cool waitress, SherryI haven’t done a personal non-IT related post in a while, so i figure it’s about time. I went with some friends to X-men 3 last night at Movietowne, it was definitely a shocker for comic fans like myself because of how deviated the storyline went. Thankfully the storyline, although it played to focus more on the characters of box-office drawing stars (Storm/Halle Berry and Wolverine/Hugh Jackman), worked well. I took it as a refreshing new look, a “What If” style of story, rather than a recreation of the original stories from the comic books. If I remember correctly, the Wolverine/Storm as leaders of the X-men was explored in the cartoon series as well.