Wordpress plugin Adhesive – sticky notes for your blog

In the process of building a Wordpress based website for a client, a requirement was that certain posts, such as the “Welcome to the site” post remain at the top of the blogging main page. Also from time to time there may exist certain “feature” articles by guest authors who may require promotion for a certain period. After a few minutes browsing, I found Adhesive by Redalt. This plugin allows articles to be marked with a “Sticky” tag, and the marked articles from different categories of posts are always posted as first on the main blogging page. In cases where there are multiple articles in the same category they are posted in the normal “latest article first” fashion of blogging. The plugin also allows “tagging” of phrases to article titles (e.g. “Sticky” or “Featured”) to further highlight them. I’ve added this to my own site, and indeed I’m sure most bloggers can find this Wordpress plugin quite useful in their own sites.