X-men 3 and Hooters, not bad for a Friday night

My friend Rishi and me with our uber-cool waitress, SherryI haven’t done a personal non-IT related post in a while, so i figure it’s about time. I went with some friends to X-men 3 last night at Movietowne, it was definitely a shocker for comic fans like myself because of how deviated the storyline went. Thankfully the storyline, although it played to focus more on the characters of box-office drawing stars (Storm/Halle Berry and Wolverine/Hugh Jackman), worked well. I took it as a refreshing new look, a “What If” style of story, rather than a recreation of the original stories from the comic books. If I remember correctly, the Wolverine/Storm as leaders of the X-men was explored in the cartoon series as well.


Wordpress plugin Adhesive – sticky notes for your blog

In the process of building a Wordpress based website for a client, a requirement was that certain posts, such as the “Welcome to the site” post remain at the top of the blogging main page. Also from time to time there may exist certain “feature” articles by guest authors who may require promotion for a certain period. After a few minutes browsing, I found Adhesive by Redalt. This plugin allows articles to be marked with a “Sticky” tag, and the marked articles from different categories of posts are always posted as first on the main blogging page. In cases where there are multiple articles in the same category they are posted in the normal “latest article first” fashion of blogging. The plugin also allows “tagging” of phrases to article titles (e.g. “Sticky” or “Featured”) to further highlight them. I’ve added this to my own site, and indeed I’m sure most bloggers can find this Wordpress plugin quite useful in their own sites.

Breaking news: Redditech Revised With New Theme And New Direction

I was theme-browsing again, part of the process of building another Wordpress-based site which I hope to add to my portfolio and share details about soon. While doing so, I stumbled across the Ocadia 1.3 theme by Becca Wei and found it so much more appealing than my current theme that I instantly switched my blogging site to it.
Indeed it’s a bit appropriate to make such a drastic change, considering that Redditech itself will be switching gears a bit drastically soon itself. Why you may ask? Well to answer that, I need to start at the beginning…