Legally hack Mac OS X

Mac OS X Security Challenge

For all up and coming hackers out there, here’s your chance to shine by attempting a legal hack of a Mac OS X server.

Redditech Blog Upgraded to Wordpress 2.0.1

I’ve just completed the upgrade from Wordpress 1.5.1 to Wordpress 2.0.1 so if you’ve experienced any trouble accessing past or present articles please e-mail me and let me know. Still playing around with the new styled interface, there isn’t anything drastically different as far as I can tell yet though. – Very cool alternative to metacafe

YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.

I heard about this on the weekly TWiT podcast, and decided to try it out. It’s actually reminded me of another program, called Metacafe, but unlike Metacafe which pushes content directly to your PC, YouTube is a pulled content system in that the user must first choose which videos one wishes to download before they are downloaded and viewed. The website also provides a rating system for registered users to rank various videos and the website provides links to the top rated as well as most recent and most viewed. It also has a Random video feature if you can’t quite decide what type of video you’re in the mood for.