Maxxuss SSE2 and Anti-TPM Patches for Mac OSX 10.4.4 8G1165 x86

Maxxuss SSE2 & Anti-TPM Patches for 10.4.4 8G1165×86
All it took was two weeks and already Mac OS X 10.4.4 security has been broken to allow the installer to work on non-Apple machines. This is quite interesting considering the amount of security Apple had invested in this. Mac OSX on a Dell anyone?

Playtime Warriors Trinidad Jouvert 2006

Playtime Warriors Trinidad Jouvert 2006
This will be the 3rd time I’ll be playing Jouvert with this band. They get better every year since my friends and I found out about them four years ago and we don’t expect any different this year. The one year I missed was because I was in Barbados for Carnival working, but even that year I never heard any negatives about their party. I encourage anyone who’s thinking about a Jouvert experience but concerned about safety to consider this band, they’ve definitely got the safety factor catered for in the past, and I don’t expect any slacking this year. Look forward to seeing you there!

Getting the file path on the user system when submitting a file

So basically this all started with this e-mail to my local mailing list:
” I have this code

get file

if ($myfile)
print “myfile = “.$myfile;

When I browse to a file, say /tmp/thisfile.txt, the code returns only the name of the file, not the full pathname to the file. What am I doing wrong? Help!”