Tutorial: Coding a Layout

Erratic Wisdom: Tutorial: Coding a Layout
This link was found via digg.com, and is an excellent tutorial for up and coming web developers looking to streamline their development processes to be more efficient. I believe I’m going to adapt and adopt this tutorial’s practice myself to my own methods of initial web interface design.

Windows Live Mail Beta

Web Mail Beta
Enhanced and improved, that’s the new Windows Live Mail beta.

Signed up for this beta as part of the whole Windows Live! suite of services. This page is a list of the new features, most notably the equivalent to Gmail 2GB mail storage limit. Seems like the Google/MSN online services war is brewing nicely…

Why I haven’t blogged in awhile

There aren’t many frequent visitors, this being my small blog in a universe of them, but for those who noticed my absence of entries for a few months, please forgive me. As with all other beings in this plane of existence, I too get caught up in the rat race of personal/professional committments. So many ambitious endeavours of mine which give me great pleasure in doing but which require much more time than I have, i.e. blogging and podcasting, have sadly not been given much attention recently.
I am hoping to change that though, as current committments have eased their toll on my time. Fingers are crossed and wood has been knocked that this new-found free time would be spent continuing improving the quality of the web site and its content.

Windows Live Ideas – Homepage

Windows Live Ideas – Homepage
I came across this link quite by accident, an invitational Hotmail e-mail which asked if I wanted to beta-test the new Windows Live! E-mail replacement for Hotmail. I signed up, and I must say it is pretty impressive, alot like Google’s Gmail in that alot of Javascript and Dynamic HTML is used in its implementation. It’s like having a web based Outlook without having an Outlook web server, and with a much prettier interface :-)