is now LIVE!!

I’ve moved the old blog into its own subdomain, you can access it now at so please update your bookmarks and live bookmarks. For users who might not read this entry right away, I have made a redirect from the old location to the new one for now.
This is all part of my plan to move into the business realm of operations, I’m still working on some design issues but by next week I am hoping to have a full CMS up and running within the main site, but for now, I’ll have it redirect to the blog.
Blog comments are welcome as I always aim to make the content as useful as possible to others (while retaining the right to rant once in awhile, as I believe all true bloggers should be allowed to). :)

Open Source Software for Windows- Suggested Applications

Open Source Software for Windows- Suggested Applications
There’s always the table of equivalent software for a reference of what free Linux apps are comparable to Windows commercial applications, however this page does a good job of providing a listing of open source software for Windows as alternatives to their commercial counterparts. Nice job, seems like the site itself will soon be moved to,
a name which definitely does reflect its content better.