is now LIVE!!

Well it took two days and a lot of back and forth with my ISP and Webhosting provider over various connection issues, but the new image gallery site is now up! Here non-member users can find various “free” pictures for download, This site came up because of a request of my friends and families where I’ve been present with my trusty camera to have a central location to securely view pictures taken. I say securely, because it’s no big thing to upload pictures to a web folder, the problem is that any and everybody has access to these sometimes embarassingly personal photos. But now after much research I’ve implemented a proper installation of Gallery2 – The Unpossible, which provides a set of features for picture galleries that are so rich that even I am still seeing more and more useful features for optimising with every album I upload.
So to all visitors, enjoy the free pics, whenever I get good nature shots I will upload them there, and to my friends and family, welcome to the new home of the neighbourhood paparazzi.

Opera Web Browser now freeware

Opera Web Browser

While I believe in the power of the philosophy of open-source software, Opera is one of those non-free applications that has demonstrated an Apple-like innovation e.g it was one of the first to introduce the concept of single window, multiple sites browsing, the precursor to the Mozilla tabbed browsing experience.
From its onset, it brought sanity to the 10+MB downloads of competing IE and Netscape browsers with its small by comparison 3-4MB download (can’t remember exactly which it was), a great turn-on for those of us with only simple dial-up connections at the time.
So it’s great to hear that they have now released the “AdBanner-free” version of their Internet browser as freeware. While in my little experience with the most recent incarnations I still wouldn’t trade my Firefox for it, and it does give trouble rendering SOME sites that utilise heavy client side scripting, its integrated RSS newsreader is one of several features good browser designers should look at for future development. I look forward to the new age of browser wars, may the best browser win!