Wordpress Gallery 2 plugin not working

So I had hoped to have the WPG2 plugin working by today. Sadly, through reading forum listings it looks like the plugin won’t work with my site because I have the Redditech Gallery and the Redditech Blog on two different subdomains within the same site.
Added to this pressure is that I found out today that I have an assignment due this Wednesday to add to my still-in-need-of-recorded-demos presentation at UWI on Thursday, so although I have no problems hacking the code to get them to work with my configuration, it looks like I mightn’t have time to work on this problem till Friday. :(
Till Friday then! Right now I have to investigate Longest Common Subsequence algorithms to see if I can hack an optimal solution to the Broken Necklace problem proposed in class last week….fun huh?

New free images in Redditech Gallery

I posted some pictures from Barbados that I had archived into the Redditech Gallery. I still hope one day to return day just for those pristine white sand beaches and clear blue-green water. Anyone who wishes to employ me for a quick job in Bim, I’ll even do it at a discount once it can afford me a day at Sandy Beach :-)