My brother finally GETS Googling!!

My little brother is the brain of the family. Sure, I’m the one with the degree and the job not with the family business, but what I had to work many nights to acheive my brother could do in an instant if he wasn’t so darned lazy sometimes.
So it’s no surprise that it’s usually me he calls on when he’s on the computer and doesn’t know how to do something, because obviously, the big brother with the blog knows all already and the lazy thing to do would be to just ask him. Of course, I would always impress on him to search for the answer (or google for the answer as has become the expression) rather than keep depending on me.
In almost all cases so far though, I would end up doing the google search or answering from memory to find him his answer just to stop his annoying looks at me when I did tell him to google it. Today’s question was about ripping CDs to MP3s. Now I’m a big fan of iTunes, but I use it on Windows, so i told him either Windows Media Player (which comes with Windows) or iTunes would do it, although I was unsure whether WMP would let you rip to MP3 or just Microsoft’s own WMA without an add-on of some kind.
So I did what any big brother who doesn’t rip music does, I googled for the answer. I actually ended up finding out the simple way to rip your CD to MP3 with iTunes.
By then my brother had logged off MSN Messenger, so being the big brother that I am I decided to call him with the URL so he could go ahead and get started ripping whatever CD he wanted to put on the PC.
Truth be told, I got the shock of my life when he told me that he did a google search for how to rip his CDs and ended up with the same page I was going to point him to. WOW He finally got it!! Or was it just that my bright little brother figured out it was now just the lazier thing to do to Google his questions than to ask his big brother?? Have I been deskilled?? :-)

I could alternatively draw an analogy to when I was younger. For as long as I could read, I always had an interest in new words. When I met one, the first thing I’d do was ask my father what it meant. He would of course, refuse to tell me and adamantly demand that I go look it up in the dictionary, and tell him what it meant. Skeptics would say it was because I encountered words no 8-year old should even be thinking of learning, and he too had no clue what they meant. I would like to think that it was for the same reasons I kept insisting my brother use Google. I wanted him to understand the power of teaching yourself sometimes, to not be so lazy at learning. Google in my opinion is not the lazy thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. It’s where you go for the answers when noone knows them, serving the same purpose as an encyclopedia or dictionary would have done before the Internet. Of course, there is now Wikipedia and as our Internet equivalents, but I ‘m happy with the small success of getting my brother to google now :-)
Now if my Dad ever reads this, next time you ask me to find some more information for you on something you’ve read in the papers or a magazine, and I tell you to Google it, you know you’re getting your own medicine in response to being so technophobic. I had to overcome my fear of looking up words in a book, someday you’ve gotta get over your fear of breaking the computer.

Plasma: KDE4 Desktop Shell: Plasma for KDE

Plasma: KDE4 Desktop Shell: Plasma for KDE
Whether you’re a graphic artist, a programmer or simply a desktop user, this is your choice to be on the cutting edge of KDE development (and perhaps contribute and get listed in the credits). It looks VERY promising especially things they’re doing with tools like SuperKaramba (a very cool widget tool similar to Konfabulator).