Please, beware of phishing scams

I realise this has been going on for awhile because of the number of
emails I’m getting these days from ppl who have me in their address
book, however I haven’t seen any informative posts on it, so I guess
this is as good a time to start as any…. gives info on how NOT to get hooked into a phishing scam ( and hi5 seem to
be most popular so far in my circles).
Looking at
I realise that and hi5 apparently trick users into willingly giving access to their address books by requesting your webmail’s (mostly hotmail) username and password, starting off with a seemingly
personalised message from someone you know (this email is usually computer generated using your email address and the name of the person who’s address book is currently being stolen).
The wikipedia entry for phishing is at for those who need to learn more and what is also good is that it has some samples of the kinds of
phishing scam emails you might receive.
A list of past reported phishing attacks is listed at so you can check or report anything suspicious that comes your way using this link.
For those already caught, your address books may have already been hacked and that information spread for the masses, but you can still at the very least change your login passwords to protect yourself,
since the phishers could in theory sell not just your addressbook but your captured username/passwords to others who might have more than address book raiding intentions.