Laptop down…

Well, my daily blogging attempts have been hindered by the recent
death of the LCD on my laptop. RIght now I’m utilising a few spare
minutes at work to update the blog, although I wont be able to write
as freely as I do at home because I am pressed for editing time here.
As a reminder for myself here are topics I’d like to blog about in the
near future
1. Developing GUIs for Python programs
2. QT 4.0=20
3. My entry into the world of Cisco Network Administration
4. MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser: two cool unknown tools
that have impressed me as much as phpMyAdmin.
5. The continued search for a proper CMS for the website
6. Podcasting update where I’ve reached with content decisions.
7 Apache Forrest and what I’ve learnt so far about this tool
8. My favourite podcasts