What a day to have stayed home!

I didn’t come into work yesterday, some pizza
and I had a falling out and the pizza won. Needless to say I wasn’t too thrilled, but looked forward to the day of Net surfing, Cable TV and probably an early lime with an old friend if I felt better later in the day.
The gods were against me I think, because not only was the cell phone network down meaning I could not call into work to say I’d not be in, but I couldn’t call anyone to arrange even a late lime. The Internet was down for the entire day too, which is sad, because Greendot up to now has been a great ISP alternative to TSTT and yesterday’s breakdown just lost a great deal of trust I had in their reliability. Of all the worst case scenarios, when I finally settled on watching some Cable TV for the day, it turned out that because of some rain scatterings the Cable was out as well!
Sadly, I resorted to watching old movies and sleeping, a somewhat 80ish but still comfortable way to waste a day away. Now I’m back in work, while my cable tv, internet access and cellphone
are at 100% again, and once again underutilised.
sigh I need a vacation sigh