Optimisations for WordPress

I’m totally new to WordPress, so I have no idea how to do certain things, so I enabled an option to mail my blog entries to a specific account. I tried it, didn’t work….hmm….what’s going on here? sigh something to do when the night comes and I can’t sleep.
Another small peeve is that my posts are being date-stamped, but not time-stamped…have to tackle that annoyance a little later too.
Heading out to see “XXX2” and “Kingdom of Heaven”, it’s been awhile since the cinemas which still offer double features have put two that I’ve actually wanted to see together. Worth it or not, it would still only be a $10 investment :-)

Podcasting equipment

So I’m thinking of trying to podcast, don’t ask me about what, I have a few ideas bouncing around inside the ole noggin, and as soon as I settle on one it will as my blog title says, be turned into words :-) .
I can, however, work on the hardware and software requirements, which thanks to the TTCS session yesterday, I am more aware of. The iRiver H10 5 GB Digital MP3 Player Remix Blue looks like a promising (relatively) cheap option for recording though. It has 128kps recording capabilites so if I find that the 64kps Georgia says she uses doesn’t work for me, I still can go a little higher for quality. Next piece of eq I need to identify would be the actual microphone, since I’ve been forewarned about background noise. Georgia gave some tips, so as soon as I’ve identified sites online that sell them, I’ll post those as well.

Maxmising Google Reader

One of the problems I’m constantly challenged with as an avid Internet user is the management of content that I’m exposed to so that I can absorb and eventually utilise it in some form to make myself more efficient. As part of the solution RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, became a useful web standard and along with it came RSS Aggregators, programs meant to help organise the content retrieved from RSS feeds.
I never like any aggregator I tried, other than ITunes for my regularly listened to podcasts. I starting using Google Reader recently though, and I must say I have found myself liking it more and more every time I use it.
As part of its features, there is the ability to share any articles aggregated or email them directly to friends. A cool feature I have started using as well is to post links to my shared content directly to my blog. This is done through a Google provided JavaScript embedded directly into my sidebar widget.
I definitely am seeing this becoming another addition to the list of my frequently used Google Applications.

Good luck to all Hugh Wooding students!

To all my friends in Hugh Wooding law school with exams starting this
week, much luck in both those and the internships you have chosen for
summer. I hope we have the opportunity to make a lime again like we
did in Barbados after your exams last year :-) . If it’s one thing you
guys exemplify is the work hard, play hard mentality which gives me
the utmost respect for you especially this year when your UWI
compatriots have already finished their exams are already hitting the
clubs and beaches.

It’s finally up

So, as is typical with many IT Projects, I’ve finally gotten WordPress up and running, a day after I had initially planned. I thank Ms. Georgia Popplewell for letting me know about WordPress.So here it is folks, Redditech’s Blog, it will start with text, and hopefully, as my budget allows, move on to more than that. Podcasting seems like an interesting challenge to undertake, and after Georgia’s talk with TTCS members, in which she gave excellent startup tips for possible podcasters, I must say the only barrier to trying is the equipment right now (since most of the software she showed to create the podcast was either free or had open-source alternatives). So congrats to me! The Redditech Blog is here!